Weekly Shop Promotion

*prices vary based on design

Signed 1st Edition Copies of Red Herring  

Prints $5 Each

Custom Artwork By Gary

Written by Alisha Hayes $10 Each

I ♥️ 80's WEEK IS GOING DOWN! September 6th through the 11th get your $80 LIMITED EDITION tattoos!

Images are full colour and will be Tattooed AS IS. No size or colour changes. (Blackwork is acceptable) These are not small Tattoos! Your Artist will be using a 10-15 Colour Pallet. These images will be Tattooed only ONCE to give Flash Dancer's a truly Limited Edition experience. First come, first serve.

Walk-ins only; no appointments will be made. Only ONE Tattoo per person, per day. We will not Tattoo the sides of the Neck, the Throat, Elbows or Hands.
18+ Plus. Be prepared to show ID.

To see more images, please visit the Studio. We will not be posting any other designs here.